Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation 2 vehicle (T4NG 2)

Constellation Software Engineering, LLC (CSEngineering),  a Service Disabled Veteran Owned  (SDVOB) located at Annapolis, MD, has formed a Joint Venture to pursue the T4NG 2 contract. T4NG 2 is a broad-based Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ). It is used by the Department of Veterans Affairs to fulfill its wide range of mission-critical information technology (IT) requirements and is designed to support the VA's mission

Why Choose CSE VETS, LLC?

CSE VETS, LLC brings 20 years of experience and capabilities in providing Technology services to the U.S. Federal Government across all T4NG 2 task areas. We formed this partnership as it combines the capabilities of two small Businesses.  CSEngineering has experience in government mission and program areas with innovative technology and services to help clients meet their critical IT objectives and achieve measurable results, especially in Health Sciences, Analytics, Cloud Advisory, and Cybersecurity. The CSE VETS advantage includes:

Contact: Rodger.blevins@csevets.com , T4NG 2 Program Manager, rblevins@csevets.com; Cell - 240-277-5916

Pamela Hensel, Contract Administrator, phensel@csevets.com

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Constellation Software Engineering, LLC Launches a partnership to pursue T4NG 2 in April 2023.

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